Australia's first marketplace just for 🐶 walking.

Walking dogs is a great way to get outdoors and earn money on the side!

Applying to be listed on Dogg.

There's a few main steps to creating a walker account on Dogg. A walker must pass these steps to have their services listed. We use each step to help ensure the highest quality marketplace and it's services.


Walker account

First, you'll need to create and account on the Dogg app. We'll ask some basic personal details (name, age, address etc), it's important to select walker account on the profile type screen to complete the on-boarding steps; as changing your account type can only be done on a request basis.


On-boarding questionnaire

The Dogg questionnaire is 30 questions designed to help us better understand you and your experience with dogs. We'll also check if you're familiar with our company values. Assessable content includes: dog behaviour, dog walking techniques, dog handling, Dogg values, general knowledge.

Once you've completed the questionnaire, we will review the answers within 24 hours (usually 3-4 hrs) and get back to you about proceeding.


Background check

Dogg walkers must pass a standard police background check before being allowed to provide their services in the app. We do this to create a safe, transparent and trusting ecosystem of dog walkers, and dog owners.

If you've obtained a check previously in the past 12 months from another platform, we'll also accept that. Simply email it as an attachment to


Stripe account

We use Stripe to process fast payouts and secure payments on the platform. You'll need to create/add a connected account within the Dogg app.

We use the Stripe connected account to pay out your walk monies 24 hours after the walk is completed. Don't worry, it's completely free!

Benefits of listing your services on Dogg.

Find new clients
Work when you want
Insurance coverage
Set your own prices
Work with dogs!

We've partnered with NationalCrimeCheck.

Don't have a background check? No worries, we've teamed up with national crime check to offer fast, affordable integrated background checks!    
Some of the benefits of using NationalCrimeCheck include: Fast turnaround (24-48 hrs), affordable (approx. $50 AUD), industry leader (working with Uber & Doordash).

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Frequently asked questions.

Can you assure me that I pass the application stage?

No, every application for Dogg must go through this multi-stage screening process. At any point we may declined your application to be listed on the Dogg platform.

Is Dogg employing me as a dog walker?

Dogg is not hiring dog walkers, we created the platform on which owners and dog walkers and find each other and make bookings. The walk contract and payment are between the dog owner and dog walker, we simple deduct our Dogg fee from the final amount to cover the benefits of the Dogg platform.

How do I get offered dog walks?

Dog owners will offer walk requests to specific dog walkers as they are needed. They will appear in your walks page, with the details of either; a set time or a time range. This walks are only offered during your set available hours.

How often will I be dog walking?

You set your own hours; Dogg is not designed to be facilitate a full time jobs worth of work, however flexibiliy with scheduling can enable a dogwalker to recieve consistent daily walk requests. If you're already a dog walker, you may consider useing Dogg to fill gaps in your schedule.

Can Dogg guarantee me work (dog walking jobs)?

No, dog owners reserve the right to offer jobs to dog walkers. Dogg cannot control who walks are offered to (unless auto curate a walker is selected). Receiving walker requests is dependant on your profiles appeal, qualifications, experience and communication.

Can I work at another pet service platform at the same time?

Ofcourse, Dogg is just one of the many amazing pet service platforms in Australia. We support dog owners (and walkers) finding the right person for them, no matter what the circumstances!

Download Dogg & keep your fur-baby happy and healthy.

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